Cupping is one of civilization's oldest and most globally recognized treatments for relieving pain and inflammation while also increasing mobility. Traditional Chinese medicine utilizes cupping techniques to relieve stagnation, restoring the flow of Qi, or energy that moves throughout and around our beings. 


Cupping incorporates decompression by pulling skin, tissues and muscle upwards into a vacuum cup. The space created by the suction increases circulation and allows fresh, oxygenated blood to rush into the area while stagnant waste matter and toxins are transported out, effectively restoring balance. 

The treatment is very relaxing and for most people completely pain free. At the onset, a sensation of tightness or pulling can be felt in the area of each cup. Placement of cups may vary from session to session based on the body's needs that day. Cups are either to be left in one place for a short period of time or gently moved around a particular area depending upon the issue to be resolved. 


When cups are removed, the area is immediately more relaxed and supple with resulting increased range of motion. With static placement of cups, circular marks of discoloration may appear on the skin, however these marks are not painful and will fade over the course of several days depending on hydration and activity level, amongst other things. Discoloration ranges from light pink to dark purple depending on the level of stagnation or toxins present.



Cupping provides a beneficial added dimension to massage therapy for anyone looking to enhance their therapeutic regimen. It can be used to treat a wide range of issues including: 

•Chronic Pain 
•Muscle Tension
•Digestive Issues 
•Respiratory Issues